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  • Pope urges churches in South Sudan to raise voices against injustice
    Saturday, 4. February 2023 11:34 o'clock

    Pontiff says on peace mission that religious leaders ‘cannot remain neutral’ amid abuses of power

    Pope Francis has said churches in South Sudan “cannot remain neutral” but must raise their voices against injustice and abuse of power, as he and two other Christian leaders conducted a peace mission to the world’s newest country.

    On his first full day in South Sudan, Francis addressed Catholic bishops, priests and nuns in St Theresa Cathedral in the capital, Juba, as the archbishop of Canterbury and the head of the Church of Scotland held services elsewhere.

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  • Baby among nine dead from cold and thirst on boat in Mediterranean
    Friday, 3. February 2023 18:42 o'clock

    Survivors tell Italian authorities vessel carrying about 50 people lost its way trying to cross from Tunisia

    A baby was among nine people including his mother and a pregnant woman who died of cold and thirst on a boat carrying about 50 migrants across the central Mediterranean, Italian authorities have said.

    Survivors who landed on the Italian island of Lampedusa after being rescued late on Thursday told investigators the four-month-old baby slipped out of the boat after his mother, who was holding him, collapsed and died from exposure.

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  • Descendants of Namibia’s genocide victims call on Germany to ‘stop hiding’
    Friday, 3. February 2023 07:30 o'clock

    Herero and Nama people demand direct talks and take Namibian government to court for accepting reparations on their behalf for 1904-1908 killings

    Descendants of victims of genocide in Namibia have called on Germany to “stop hiding” and discuss reparations with them directly, as they take their own government to court for making a deal without their approval.

    The Herero and Nama people have gone to Namibia’s high court, rejecting an apology made in 2021 after years of talks between Namibia and Germany, which they say falls short of atoning for the 1904 to 1908 genocide, the first of the 20th century.

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  • Help world’s poor as well as Ukraine, say faith charities as pope visits South Sudan
    Thursday, 2. February 2023 07:45 o'clock

    An open letter, backed by opinion poll, urges the UK to restore aid budget on eve of a three-day ‘pilgrimage for peace’ in the east African country

    The British government’s financial support for Ukraine must not be at the cost of aid to other areas of the world in crisis, three faith-based charities have warned, on the eve of an unprecedented joint pilgrimage to South Sudan led by Pope Francis.

    The organisations are calling on the government to restore the 59% cut in the UK’s aid budget to South Sudan, and invest in peacebuilding, conflict management and reconciliation.

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  • Nearly 14,000 Nigerians take Shell to court over devastating impact of pollution
    Thursday, 2. February 2023 07:01 o'clock

    People from Niger delta areas of Ogale and Bille seeking justice in London’s high court

    Nearly 14,000 people from two Nigerian communities are seeking justice in the high court in London against the fossil fuel giant Shell, claiming it is responsible for devastating pollution of their water sources and destruction of their way of life.

    The individuals from the Niger delta area of Ogale, a farming community, lodged their claims last week, joining more than 2,000 people from the Bille area, a largely fishing community. In total 13,652 claims from individuals, and from churches and schools, are asking the oil giant to clean up the pollution which they say has devastated their communities. They are also asking for compensation for the resulting loss of their livelihoods. Their ability to farm and fish has been destroyed by the continuing oil spills from Shell operations, they claim.

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  • Wagner mercenaries sustain losses in fight for Central African Republic gold
    Thursday, 2. February 2023 06:00 o'clock

    Russian fighters clash with rebels as Kremlin tries to extend power in mineral rich country

    Russian mercenaries from the Wagner Group have sustained heavy casualties in a new surge of fighting between government troops and rebels over the control of lucrative goldmines in Central African Republic (CAR).

    The clashes come amid increasing instability in the anarchic, resource-rich country, which in recent years has become one of Russia’s main hubs of influence in sub-Saharan Africa.

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