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  • Israeli Strikes Kill Over 20 and Hit Another U.N. Building in Gaza
    Tuesday, 16. July 2024 23:59 o'clock
    The Israeli military said it was targeting militants operating in a U.N. school being used as a shelter in Nuseirat. A second strike caused fatalities in Al-Mawasi, the Gazan Health Ministry said.
  • Heat Wave in Ukraine Further Strains Its Electricity Grid
    Wednesday, 17. July 2024 16:52 o'clock
    To prevent a collapse of the electricity system, crippled by months of Russian attacks, the authorities have imposed rolling blackouts. Experts say it’s a harbinger of what’s to come this winter.
  • King’s Speech Promises a Changed U.K.
    Wednesday, 17. July 2024 17:19 o'clock
    From plans to tackle climate change to ending the role of hereditary legislators, the ceremonial King’s Speech showcased the progressive priorities of Britain’s Labour government.
  • How France Blocked the Far Right
    Wednesday, 17. July 2024 19:16 o'clock
    The French had a far-right government before, one that collaborated with the Nazis. When casting ballots even today, that is not an easy thing to forget.
  • Russian Orthodox Church Wages a ‘Holy War’ Against Satanism, and the West
    Wednesday, 17. July 2024 14:37 o'clock
    A battle has erupted in Moldova over its links to the Russian Orthodox Church, seen by many as a tool of Moscow’s influence abroad.
  • Pentagon Warns ISIS Attacks Could Double This Year
    Wednesday, 17. July 2024 21:40 o'clock
    Attacks claimed by ISIS in Iraq and Syria are on track to double last year’s total, the U.S. military said in a report, as the terrorist group’s affiliates become increasingly deadly elsewhere around the world.
The Guardian
  • Thursday briefing: How one controversial bill has Kenya on the brink of disorder
    Thursday, 18. July 2024 07:33 o'clock

    In today’s newsletter: President William Ruto’s unpopular finance bill has sparked a wave of protests – that have been met with brutality and yet more discord in the country

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    Good morning.

    Anti-government protests are expected to escalate in Kenya after a month of demonstrations that erupted again across the country on Tuesday calling for the president, William Ruto, to resign. In response to police hostility, protesters set fires, threw stones and chanted “Ruto must go” and “Stop killing us”. The demonstrations were met with police firing teargas and water cannon at those involved and the press. One man was shot dead and his body carried through the streets to a nearby police station.

    King’s speech | Keir Starmer has set out a government agenda that he claims can counter the “snake oil charm of populism” in a king’s speech pledging change to people’s lives including rights at work, cheaper energy and secure housing.

    Israel-Gaza war | The US military-built pier for carrying humanitarian aid to Gaza will be dismantled and brought home, ending a mission that has been fraught with repeated weather and security problems that limited how much food and other supplies could get to starving Palestinians.

    Europe | Labour’s proposed foreign policy and security pact with the EU sounds “quite promising”, the head of the European parliament’s foreign affairs committee has said, adding that the British government should use the next weeks and months to come up with proposals that are “as concrete as possible”.

    US election 2024 | JD Vance formally accepted the Republican vice-presidential nomination on Wednesday with a deliberate, and at times divisive, pitch to re-elect Donald Trump in November.

    Environment | The Labour government must oversee a massive ramping up of renewable energy generation in this parliament or the UK will breach its international obligations under the Paris agreement, the government’s climate watchdog has said.

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  • ‘People think they’ll smell but they don’t’: inside the Namibian homes built from mushrooms
    Thursday, 18. July 2024 07:00 o'clock

    A sustainable project aims to repurpose encroacher bush to create building blocks to solve Namibia’s housing crisis

    “People think the house would smell because the blocks are made of all-natural products, but it doesn’t smell,” says Kristine Haukongo. “Sometimes, there is a small touch of wood, but otherwise it’s completely odourless.”

    Haukongo is the senior cultivator at the research group MycoHab and her job is pretty unusual. She grows oyster mushrooms on chopped-down invasive weeds before the waste is turned into large, solid brown slabs – mycoblocks – that will be used, it’s hoped, to build Namibian homes.

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  • Support for democracy in Africa falls amid military coups and corruption
    Wednesday, 17. July 2024 19:07 o'clock

    Africans still have stronger preference for democratic governance than many other parts of the world

    Support for democracy is falling in Africa amid a string of military coups and dissatisfaction with corruption and mismanagement, according to a report by Afrobarometer. However, Africans still have a stronger preference for democratic governance than many parts of the world.

    Two-thirds of people in 30 African countries prefer democracy, surveys conducted in 2021 or 2023 found, down seven percentage points from a decade earlier.

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  • Rwanda's Paul Kagame cruises to crushing election victory
    Tuesday, 16. July 2024 18:08 o'clock

    President wins 99.15% of the vote, allowing him to extend authoritarian rule by further five years

    Rwanda’s president, Paul Kagame, has swept to another overwhelming election victory, winning more than 99% of votes in a provisional count in the east African country’s elections that will extend his near quarter of a century in power.

    The poll on Monday was seen as a formality, with just two other candidates allowed to compete in a country that is kept under tight control by its longtime leader.

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  • Kidnappings soar in central Africa’s ‘triangle of death’
    Tuesday, 16. July 2024 06:00 o'clock

    Where Chad, Cameroon and the Central African Republic meet, people are turning vigilante to fight back

    Tired of waiting for the authorities to come to their aid, young men in the Mayo-Kebbi Ouest region of south-west Chad are banding into vigilante groups, using bows, arrows and spears to fight gunmen who have turned kidnapping into a professional pastime.

    “We guide the gendarmes in the bush, but we are also the first to go after the criminals after a kidnapping,” said Amos Nangyo, head of one of the units in Pala, capital of the region, which borders Cameroon, told Agence France-Presse earlier this month.

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  • MPs in the Gambia vote to uphold ban on female genital mutilation
    Monday, 15. July 2024 17:39 o'clock

    Campaigners applaud decision not to repeal law in west African country with one of the highest rates of FGM

    MPs in the Gambia voted on Monday to retain a law outlawing female genital mutilation (FGM), sparking joy and relief among campaigners.

    Thirty-four out of 53 lawmakers voted to maintain the ban, which was introduced in 2015, aid workers told the Guardian. The remainder voted to repeal it.

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